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Professor Xing Mengdao

Resume: Advisor of PhD candidates; leader of the radar imaging group of the National Key Laboratory of Radar Signal Processing; born in Chengzhou City, Zhejiang Province in 1975. He earned his B. Eng Degree from the School of Electronic Engineering, Xidian University in July, 1997 and in the same year he was recommended to be a master-doctoral student without sitting for the entrance examination in the National Key Laboratory of Radar Signal Processing at Xidian University. In 2000, he remained at Xidian University as a faculty member, continuing his work towards the PhD degree through in-service learning. In May, 2002, he was awarded the Doctor of Engineering Degree in signal and information processing, with his doctoral dissertation winning nomination for the National 100 Excellent Doctoral Dissertations of the Year 2004. In July, 2002, he was promoted exceptionally to associate professor and in July, 2004, he was promoted exceptionally to professor. In 2003, he won the title of “10 Distinguished Youths at Xidian University” and the title of “Excellent Teacher”. In 2006, he was selected into the “New Century Outstanding Talents Program of the Ministry of Education”. At present, he is one of “Academic Pacesetters of the Third Batch of Xidian University” and selected into the first batch of the “High-Level Talents Development Supporting Program” of Xidian University.
Area for training master students: signal and information processing
Area for training doctoral students: signal and information processing
Major research interests: 1. synthetic aperture radar (SAR) imaging                     2. ISAR imaging
                                             3. InSAR imaging                                                            4. GMTI and imaging
                                             5. BiSAR imaging                                                            6. POL-SAR imaging
                                             7. MiniSAR and NanoSAR                                             8. synthetic aperture imaging ladar (SAIL)
                                             9. radar imaging data high-speed collector and real-time imaging processor
Teaching and research achievements: He has been in charge of many projects from the “11th Five-Year Plan” Advance Research and the Advance Research Fund. He has also carried out parallel cooperation with the No. 14 Institute in Nanjing, the No. 38 Institute in Hefei, the No. 29 Institute in Chengdu, the No. 20 Institute in Xi’an, the No. 014 Center in Luoyang, the No. 720 Factory in Nanjing, and the No. 704 Institute of the Ministry of Aerospace.He gives lectures on “Radar Detection and Imaging”. He has published the monograph “Radar Imaging Technique”, the translation “Fundamentals of Radar Signal Processing”, and over 30 papers in the renowned journals at home and abroad, such as IEEE.
    Institution with which he is associated at Xidian Univbersity: National Key Laboratory of Radar Signal Processing

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