Research Institutions
“111 Program” --- Bases for Wisdom Absorption for Discipline Innovation

    Name of the Base:The Base for Wisdom Absorption for Intelligent Information Processing Science &
                                     Technology Discipline Innovation

       Base’s Reliance: national first-level key discipline “information and communication engineering”, “National Key
                                     Laboratory of Radar Signal Processing”
, etc.

Director of the Base:Professor Jiao Licheng
Staff Members: Domestic personnel: 30 research backbones, 29 doctorate holders, 10 doctoral  advisors, 4 inside-school
                                    specially appointed professors, 3 academic pace setters, and 4 academic foregoers

                                    Foreign personnel: 3 IEEE Fellows, 1 IEE Fellow, 7 professors, 1 associate professor, and 2 assistant

Research Areas: 1. SAR image recognition and understanding
2. medical image analysis
3. natural computation

   Name of the Base: The Base for Wisdom Absorption for Modern Wireless Information Network Basic Theory &
                                    Technology Discipline Innovation    
      Base’s Reliance:national second-level key discipline “communication and information system”, “State Key Laboratory of
                                    ISN”, etc.

Director of the Base:Professor Li Jiandong
Staff Members: Domestic personnel: 31 research backbones, of whom there are 10 doctoral advisors, 4 inside-school
                                    specially appointed professors, and 1 academic pace setter
Foreign personnel: 8 IEEE Fellows, 16 professors, 1 senior researcher, and 1 senior lecturer
       Research Areas: 1. modern information theory and coding
                                    2. broad-band wireless communication system and self-organized network
                                    3. information and network security
                                    4. information transmission and signal processing
5. multimedia communication

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