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Laboratory of Computer Network and Information Security

   The Ministry of Education Key Laboratory of Computer Network and Information Security was established with the approval by the Ministry of Education in 2002. Relying on the predominant disciplines of communication and information system, cryptography, and computer science and technology of Xidian University, the Laboratory has been actively widening its development space, showing a good momentum of development in talents training, scientific research, and technical service, and becoming an important base for talents training and scientific research in the fields of computer network and information security in China. At present, the Laboratory has 40 permanent staff members, of whom there are 11 professors (including 9 doctoral advisors) and 11 guest researchers. Up to now, it has cultivated over 60 doctors and over 500 masters.
   The Laboratory has conducted a great deal of basic research in the fields of computer network and information security, winning 1 national-grade research award and over 10 provincial/ministerial-grade research awards, applying for 32 national technical invention patents (16 of which have obtained authorization) and making public 1 international patent. It has published 26 monographs and over 500 important academic papers, of which 326 papers have been indexed by the SCI and EI. The research on the “Broadband Wireless WAPI Security Technology” conducted during the “Eleventh Five Year Plan” was listed as the national standard in 2003 and won the Second National Technology Invention Award in 2005.
   The Laboratory has promoted close and in-depth academic exchange and research cooperation with international world-known universities, actively hosted international conferences, invited international world-known experts to conduct exchanges, and sent several person-times to attend international academic conferences or to go abroad for paying visits. Currently, it has signed quite a few cooperative items with research organizations at home and abroad. Its major cooperators include the U.S. University of Florida, the U.S. Michigan State University, the Tohoku University of Japan, the City University of Hong Kong, the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, the Universityof Singapore, the Nanyang Technological University of Singapore, the Kyungpook National University of South Korea, the Sony Corporation, the Philips Corporation, the Huawei Technologies Co, the ZTE Corporation, and the Datang Mobile Communications Equipment Co., Ltd.

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