Research Institutions
Integrated Circuit

   The National Instruction Base for IC Talents at Xidian University was founded in 2003. It is one of the first nine National Instruction Bases for IC Talents invested by the Ministry of Science and Technology of China. The Ministry of Education of China evaluated all bases in January 2007 and the IC base at Xidian University ranked third among the 15 IC bases.
   Generally speaking, the major learning content on campus concerns microelectronics and software theory. However, the IC base emphasizes the practical application of theory and the cultivation of students' practical ability. The Base provides a place for cultivating students' practical ability. A significant component of the success comes from running the school jointly by the university and enterprises, as well as providing a fieldwork for teaching reform in the School of Microelectronics.
   The IC Base at Xidian University is developing internationally advanced teaching and experimental facilities needed to train high quality and innovative talents. The total construction area is over 1000 square meters. It has over 30 workstations and over 300 PCs. Its classroom can hold 100 students working at a time. There are also advanced campus network facilities, servers (Sun Fire 890), mainstream software platforms and software development environment such as Cadence, Synopsys, Mentor Graphic, Penda , Tanner, etc.
   At present, the IC Base at Xidian University provides the students with one laboratory and a special-purpose classroom for network and multimedia teaching. It cooperates actively with the Xi'an National IC Design Industrial Center in the Xi'an High Tech Development Zone. It has set up an IC research and development center to provide its students with an environment to execute high level project development.

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