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The State Key Laboratory of Wide Band Gap Semiconductor Technology

   The State Key Discipline Laboratory of Wide Band Gap Semiconductor Technology is the key laboratory constructed through the approval by the State in 2007, which is based on the Ministry of Education Key Laboratory of Wide Band Gap Semiconductor Materials and Devices . It mainly makes applied basic research on wide band gap semiconductor materials and devices. It is Xidian University’s base for training national IC talents, and an important support for the national key disciplines of “microelectronics” and “solid electronics” and the key discipline being constructed according to the Project 211.
   The Laboratory started the scientific research on wide band gap semiconductors and related   talents cultivation in the 1990s. At present, it has become an important base for scientific research on wide band gap semiconductor materials and devices at home and abroad, talents cultivation, academic exchange and research achievements transformation. In 2008, it became the national defense sci-tech innovation team of China.  
   The Laboratory possesses equipments for manufacturing wide band gap materials, materials manufacturing technology, manufacturing technology for microwave power devices and tube cores of high brightness LED devices, and quite a few own key techniques for microwave power modules, micro-nanometer device reliability and VLSI circuit design which have marked features.
   The Laboratory pays attention to the combination of research achievements with their application, with many achievements having been used in the national projects and national defense projects. Its high-quality GaN and SiC material epitaxial wafers can be batch manufactured so that they can be provided for use in enterprises and research institutes. Its microwave power devices have begun to be used in national key projects. The GaN LED has become the core technology of semiconductor lighting in Shaanxi Province, which plays a radiating and promoting role. Its own MOCVD device and related core technology have begun to be industrialized. Its micro-nanometer device reliability technology has played an important role in promoting the development of ICs with high reliability in China.  

   Laboratory Add: 5F (West Side), Sci-tech Building, North Campus; West Classroom Building, North Campus

                        Tel: (029) 88202073                                  Fax: 029-88202073-619

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