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School of Software Engineering

   In 2001, responding to the country’s call for training software talents and raising as soon as possible the overall level of our country’s software industry and international competitive power, Xidian University founded the School of Software Engineering based on the Institute of Software Engineering, which was approved by the Ministry of Education in the same year, becoming one of the first batch of 35 National Demonstration Schools of Software Engineering to be constructed.
   With the needs of the market as its guidance and the cultivation of multi-level practical software talents with international competitive power as its target, the School of Software Engineering has tried hard to deepen the reform of teaching contents and the course system. In recent 8 years, the School has undertaken 18 provincial/ministerial educational reform projects in succession. It has won 1 national teaching achievement award, 1 provincial special-grade teaching achievement award, 4 provincial first awards and 1 provincial second award. Seven courses have been appraised as quality courses of Shaanxi Province, and two courses have won the Ministry of Education project approval for Microsoft/IBM quality course construction. The Specialty of Software Engineering won the title of “Name Brand Specialty of the Shaanxi Provincial Regular Institutions of Higher Learning” in 2005, and won the “Spot for National First Batch of Specialties with Marked Features to Be Constructed in Institutions of Higher Learning” in the construction of undergraduate teaching quality and teaching reform engineering of the institutions of higher learning of the Ministry of Education in 2007. The software engineering teaching team was assessed as the Shaanxi Provincial Teaching Team in 2008. The School of Software Engineering has become the demonstration spot for the construction of Xidian University’s specialties and the   reform and practice of teaching research on engineering education.
   The School pays attention to the training of practical engineering talents and innovative talents. It has developed into an important base in west China for cultivating the multilevel, practical, engineering-type, and internationalized software talents. At present, the School has over 2000 undergraduates and master students. During their study, the students take an active part in scientific research practice and sci-tech competition activities, and they have repeatedly created good results in the major discipline competitions at home and abroad, winning international awards by 18 person-times, national awards by 26 person-times, and provincial/ministerial awards by 37 person-times. In 2005, the Xi’an Software Park of the National Software Industry Base granted the National Demonstration School of Software Engineering of Xidian University the title of “Software Talents Training Demonstration Base”.

   Office Add: 2F (East Side), Teaching Auxiliary Building, North Campus      Tel: (029) 88204294

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