Introduction to Schools
School of Humanities
   After the organizational adjustment and integration of Xidian University, the School of Humanities retains the teaching and research sections of politics, philosophy, and literature & history, and art education center, with the teaching and research section of ideology and politics also put under the administration of the School. Through many years development of the former School of Humanities and Art, various undertakings of the School have developed by leaps and bounds, forming a relatively complete discipline construction group covering philosophy, science of religion, law, and education. The faculty of the School is relatively strong. Currently, the School has 70 faculty members, of whom there are 11 professors and 35 associate professors, with 28 teachers being Ph.D. degree holders and 10 teachers working toward the Ph.D. degree. In addition, the School has appointed some experts at home and abroad as part-time professors.
    The School has set up the teaching and research section of ideological and political theory, and the Departments of Philosophy, Chinese, Politics, Psychology, History, and Art. It has also established the National Base for College Students Quality Education, the Research Center of Psychological Education, the Research Center of Art Education, the Institute of Higher Education, the Institute of Chinese Traditional Culture, the Research Center of Studies of Chinese Culture, the Research Center of Contemporary China, the Institute of Regional Culture, and the Institute of Management Philosophy. The School has 1 doctoral program in management philosophy, 8 master programs in fundamental principles of Marxism, ideological and political education, esthetics, science of religion, higher education, educational technology, educational philosophy, and physical education & training. At present there are 3 advisors for Ph.D. candidates and 28 advisors for mater degree seeking students.
    For many years, the school has been actively exploring the new mode for talents training, with brilliant achievements in students work. The School has been honored with the title of Advanced Collective in Students Work for 13 years in succession. The employment rate of undergraduates of the School has reached over 97%. The School has produced a great number of excellent construction talents for the country, with over 1900 undergraduates and more than 400 postgraduates graduated from the School, many of whom have become backbones in their respective trades and work units and have been well received by the society.  
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