Introduction to Schools
School of Foreign Languages
   The School has its origin in the Department of Foreign Languages which was founded in 1985 and incorporated in the School of Humanities and Arts in 1999. It was formally established in 2013.
        At present, the School has the College English Teaching Department, the Graduate Student Teaching Department, the Department of Japanese, the Department of English, and the MTI Research Center. It has established 2 undergraduate specialties and 3 masters programs, of which Foreign Linguistics and Applied Linguistics is the provincial key discipline. It has also set up the Research Center of Scientific English, the Institute of Applied Linguistics, the Training Center of Foreign Languages, the Language Experiment Center of Foreign Languages, and the Foreign Language Contest Base for College Students, all at the university level.
        The School currently has 146 teachers, of whom there are 65 professors and associate professors, 1 university-level academic pace setter, 1 provincial famous teacher, and 1 member of the Teaching Guidance Committee of the Ministry of Education, with the number of both doctorate holding teachers and doctorate seeking teachers accounting for 23% of the faculty. The School has also appointed some foreign experts as part-time professors. In recent years, the teachers of the School have published over 50 papers in the CSSCI and other core journals, and scores of monographs, translations, textbooks, and reference books, including the national-grade 12thFive-Year Plan Planned Materials, and the unified compiled materials of the Ministry of Education and Shaanxi Province. The School has won quite a few awards at the provincial/ministerial level and other kinds of awards, giving rise to wide repercussions and receiving good comments.
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