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School of Economics and Management

   Xidian University’s education in economics and management started in 1980 and after over 20 years’ construction and development, the School of Economics and Management crosses two big disciplines: economics and management. It is relatively strong in teaching staff, with 80% of its teachers holding the PhD degree or master’s degree. In addition, the School has also appointed as the part-time professors the experts and scholars who are to a certain degree influential at home and abroad and the managerial elite in circles of industry and commerce.
   The School has formed a relatively perfect discipline system and is clearly characterized by information technology and quantitative analysis. It has set up 5 specialties for undergraduates: information management and information system, industrial & commerce management, industrial engineering, finance, and E-commerce, 6 programs for master students: managerial science and engineering, enterprise management, informatics, finance, accounting, and library science, and 3 programs for specialized master students: MBA, industrial engineering, and project management. The Xidian University teaching center of the Shaanxi Provincial MBA School is also based in this School.
   After long-run construction and development, the School of Economics and Management has possessed a certain superiority and feature in quite a few research fields such as theory on and techniques for information management, operational research and decision analysis, and enterprise technical innovation and management.
   The School pays attention to external cooperation and exchange, and has established successively the academic exchange and cooperation relationship with many universities in the United States, Japan, Sweden and the Hong Kong area. Since 1996, the School has held 4 senior academic seminars on new industrial engineering together with Japanese universities and enterprises. The high-level managerial personnel of the Infineon Technologies and a few famous entrepreneurs constantly offer courses for graduate students of the School, laying a certain foundation for promoting the internationalization process of the education in economics and management of the School.

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