Introduction to Schools
School of Physics and Optoelectronic Engineering

   Oriented towards a teaching/research type school, the School of Physics and Optoelectronic Engineering is a new school established on the basis of integrating the advantage disciplines with similar research directions of the former School of Science and the former School of Technical Physics at Xidian University. The School strengthens the construction of two first-level disciplinesphysics and optical engineering, realizes the combination of basic theoretical research on physics with optoelectronic information, optoelectronic engineering and interdisciplinary courses.
The School will further strengthen the school running characteristic of blending of science and engineering of Xidian University . On the basis of continuing to keep the dominating position in the fields of optoelectronic technology, optical characteristics of targets and environment, and optical imaging and information processing, the School will give prominence to overlapping and blending of physics with optoelectronic information, make efforts to expand the new research fields of communication, signal processing, and environmental science, strive to obtain the national-level key discipline and establish the postdoctoral program in optical engineering, and make optical engineering and physics rank among the first in China in the next round of disciplinary assessment.
   The disciplinary direction of the School focuses on quantum photonics, ultrafast photonics and its application, optical imaging technology, remote sensing and hyperspectral image processing, space optics and light scattering of complex structures & its application, new-type laser device technology and photodetecting & measurement/control technology, and electromagnetic/optical wave transmission theory in complex systems and its application.
   At present, the School has 5 specialties for undergraduates: electronic science and technology, optical information and technology, applied physics, electronic information science and technology, and wave propagation and antenna.

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