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School of Mechano-electronic Engineering

   The School of Mechano-electronic Engineering has set up 5 departments: Department of Electronic Mechanism, Department of Industrial Design, Department of Automatic Control, and Department of Observation & Control Engineering and Instrumentation, the Institute of Mechano-electronic Science and Technology, and the Ministry of Education Key Laboratory of Electronic Equipment Structure. Currently it has 186 teaching and administrative staff members, of whom there are 2 dually appointed academicians, 2 chair professors under the Cheung Kong Scholar’s Program, 2 New Century Outstanding Talents of the Ministry of Education, 2 provincial-level Famous Teachers, 18 advisors of PhD candidates, and 93 persons with associate senior and above academic titles. At present, it has 2841 undergraduates, over 700 master students, and 134 doctoral candidates.
   The School is one of the University’s schools with the widest discipline coverage, enormous potentiality, and rapid development. Its disciplines involve 5 first-level disciplines---mechanical engineering, instrument science and technology, control science and engineering, electrical engineering, and mechanics. It has 9 master programs, 6 doctoral programs, and one postdoctoral research program in mechanical engineering. It enrolls undergraduates in 6 specialties such as “mechanical manufacturing and its automation”, etc.
   The School’s teaching idea is to emphasize the interdisciplinary and broad approach training, and pay attention to the teaching implementation link of combining the basic theory closely with practice. Of the courses offered to all the undergraduates of the University, one is the national-grade premium quality course, and three are provincial-level premium quality courses. The School has 2 provincial-level name brand specialties and 2 specialties with the first-type feature constructed in the ordinary institutions of higher leaning in Shaanxi Province. All the undergraduate specialties of the School are urgently needed for the nation’s construction. In recent years, the rate of employment of the undergraduates of the School has remained over 97%.
   The School pays attention to the extensive academic exchange and cooperation, inviting quite a few academicians and experts at home and abroad to give lectures every year. Of the teachers sent abroad for advanced studies or directional joint cultivation in recent years, over 20 have returned after finishing their studies Successfully.

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