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School of Computer Science and Technology

   The specialty of computer at Xidian University was established in 1958, with Xidian University being one of the universities which established this specialty earliest in China.
   The School of Computer Science and Technology has set up 3 specialties for undergraduates: computer science and technology, network engineering, and educational technology, of which the specialty of computer science and technology is the name brand specialty in Shaanxi Province and the one with the first-type feature constructed by the Ministry of Education, and passed the specialty authentication of engineering education of the Ministry of Education in 2007, with the specialty of network engineering being the one with the second-type feature constructed by the Ministry of Education.
   Currently the School has the first-level discipline postdoctoral research program in computer science and technology, two doctoral programs in computer system architecture and computer application technology, and 4 master programs in computer system architecture, computer application technology, computer software & theory, and educational technology, with the three second-level disciplines of computer system architecture, computer application technology, and computer software & theory being the ministerial-level key disciplines.
   At present, the School has 129 teaching and administrative staff members, of whom 70 have senior academic titles, with teachers holding the PhD degree accounting for 50% all its teachers, 20 advisors of PhD candidates, and 59 advisors of master students. The School pays close attention to the needs of the nation and national defense development, takes basic research and applied basic research as the main target, holds on to its disciplines, constructs discipline teams, and recruits high-level talents so that it has made remarkable achievements in the fields of “network and information security”, “software frontier theory and key technology”, “computer input/output”, “computing intelligence”, and “computing bioinformatics”. The School has undertaken quite a few State and national defense advance research projects, winning over 20 awards at the provincial/ministerial level. It has won one National Award of Outstanding Teaching Achievements and 4 provincial Top and First Awards, and built 11 provincial/ministerial level  Premium Quality Courses.
   Now it has over 2350 undergraduates and over 1100 graduate students, of whom 300 are doctoral students.

   Office Add: Room 135, Area II, Xinyuan Building, South Campus    Tel: (029) 81891336
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