A Survery
Vice President Hao Yue
Resume: Han nationality; born in Anhui Province in 1958; doctor;Member of the Chinese Academy of Sciences,professor; advisor of Ph.D. candidates, graduated from the specialty of semiconductor microelectronics at Xidian University; acted successively as deputy director and then director of the Institute of Microelectronics; chief scientist for the Projects of the National Major Basic Research (“973”) Program; national young and middle-aged expert with outstanding contributions, and renowned expert in the field of microelectronic technology; leader of the Experts Group for the Implementation of the Major Sci-tech Items of “Core Electronic Devices, High-end Universal Chips and Basic Software Products” in the national medium-and-long term program; leader of the microelectronic technology experts group of the General Armament Department; vice chairman of the National Professional Steering Committee of Electronic Information Science and Engineering; selected into the first batch of the National Talents and into the first batch of Shaanxi Provincial Talents; won the “He-Liang-He-Li Science and Technology” Award in 2010; presently vice president of Xidian University.

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