A Survery
Vice President Li Jiandong
Resume: Han nationality; born in Funing, Jiangsu Province in 1962; doctor of engineering; professor; advisor of Ph.D candidates; graduated from the specialty of radio communication at Xidian University; once engaged in research at Cornell University, U.S.A. as a visiting scholar; acted successively as dean of the School of Telecommunications Engineering, and executive deputy dean of the Graduate School of Xidian University; presently fellow of the China Institute of Communications, senior member of the IEEE, member of the Overall Group for the Major Special Projects of the National New-Generation Wideband Wireless Mobile Communication Network, head of the Work Group of Wideband Wireless IP Technology Standards of the Ministry of Information Industry, member of the Expert Group of Communications and Information Security of the General Armament Department, member of the Degree Committee of the State Council and the Steering Committee of the National Master-of-Engineering Professional Degree Education of the Ministry of Education, director of the State Key Laboratory of Integrated Services Network and Its Key Technology of Xidian University, member of the Party Standing Committee and vice president of Xidian University.
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