A Survery
Deputy Secretary Jiang Shunhao
Resume: Han nationality; born in Taizhou, Jiangsu Province in October of 1962; second bachelor’s degree holder; professor; advisor of master students; graduated successively from the specialty of communication engineering at Xidian University and from the specialty of ideological-political education at the Northwestern Polytechnical University; successively held posts of the deputy director of the Propaganda Department, deputy secretary of the General Party Branch of the Department of Graduate Students, deputy secretary and secretary of the Sub-Party Committee of the Graduate School, director of the Department of Students’ Affairs & concurrent director of the Department of People’s Armed Forces, director of the Organization Department of the Party Committee, director of the Department of United Front Work of the Party Committee, concurrent Executive Vice President of the Party School, member of the Party Standing Committee, all at Xidian University. Presently he is the deputy secretary of the Party Committee and secretary of the Discipline Inspection Committee of the Party Committee at Xidian University.
Work fields he is responsible for: discipline inspection; supervision; audit; security
  Departments he is in charge of: Discipline Inspection Committee; Supervision Office; Auditing Office; Public Security Office

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