A Survery
President Zheng Xiaojing
Resume: Han nationality; born in Leqing, Zhejiang Province in May of 1958; member of the Chinese Academy of Science (Academic Committee of Mathematical Physics); academician of the Academy of Science of the Developing Countries (Academic Department of Engineering); doctor of science; professor; advisor of Ph.D. candidates; graduated from the specialty of solid mechanics at the Huazhong University of Science and Technology; engaged in cooperative research at the University of Kentucky, Clarkson University and the University of Delaware in the U.S.A.; acted successively as director of the Scientific Research Department of Lanzhou University, member of the Party Standing Committee and vice president of Lanzhou University, and concurrently vice chair of the Executive Council of the Chinese Mechanics Institute; presently member of the Party Standing Committee and president of Xidian University, and concurrently member of the 8th National Committee of the China Association for Science and Technology, vice chair of the Association for Science and Technology of Gansu Province, member of the Advisory Committee of the National Natural Science Foundation Committee of China, co-editor-in-chief of Computer, Materials & Continua, editor-in-chief of the Chinese Journal of Solid Mechanics and Acta Mechanica Solida Sinica, and chair of the Academic Committee of the Laboratory of Desertification and Sandstorm Disaster Prevention of Gansu Province (the cultivation base for the state key laboratory) and chair of the Academic Committee of the State Key Laboratory of Turbulent Flow and Complex Systems of Peking University.
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