A Survery
Vice President Zhang Peiying
Resume: Han nationality; born in the city of Dancheng County, Henan Province in December of 1964; master of law; professor; graduated from the specialties of electronic equipment structure and Marxist theory & ideological/political education; acted successively as secretary of the Sub-committee of Youth League, deputy secretary and then secretary of the Youth League Committee of Xidian University, director of the Capital Construction Department, director of the Propaganda Department (in this period he acted as the deputy Party secretary of the Linwei District of Shaanxi Province, a temporary leading post in order to gain experience), deputy secretary of the Discipline Inspection Commission of Xidian University, director of the Supervision Office of Xidian University, director of the Auditing Office of Xidian University, and assistant to the president of Xidian University; currently member of the Party Standing Committee and vice president of Xidian University.
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